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mP Energy

A universal energy forecasting Application for:
Demand, Generation and Grid forecasts

mP Cloud

A special Azure Cloud based Version of mP Energy –
high performance, seamlessly scalable, reliable, safe

mP Energy was designed, from the beginning, for high performance and maximum forecast quality.  Machine learning based algorithms that have been optimized over time ensure sustainable forecasting for our customers.  Numerous extensions such as scenario analysis, simulation, automated model optimization and workflow creation are just a few of the features already being used by metalogic customers today.   The ever-increasing data volumes caused by e.g. the growing deployment of renewable energy, smart meters, EV and IoT on the one hand and on the other hand the increasing need for even more up-to-date data and forecast results – which should be available at any time for trading systems – were the impulses and factors that influenced metalogic to produce a dedicated version of mP Energy specifically adopted for use with the Azure Cloud: mP Cloud adequately fulfills these increasing demands in the energy market.


mP Energy was designed for various forecast requirements from smaller local municipal utilities to large international energy producers, suppliers, network operators and trading companies. It is a sophisticated and universal energy forecast application that meets every need in terms of functionality and cost-performance ratio.

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