Managed Services

A key difference to the on-premises installation of software is that with cloud-based applications, the customer, i.e., the user, does not receive any software at all. mP Cloud is hosted and operated 100% in the Microsoft Azure Cloud. Secure access to mP Cloud is provided to the user via the Internet.  Under the scope of Managed Services, the responsibility for maintaining the technical operation of mP Cloud in the Azure Cloud lies with metalogic. The mP Cloud user, analogous to the on-site operation of mP Energy, operates the application and continues to assume responsibility for the forecast results themselves.

Two different contract models are offered for this purpose:  SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) – where the customer operates and uses mP Cloud itself for its forecasts, and FaaS (Forecasting-as-a-Service) – where metalogic runs the entire forecasting operation, using data provided by the customer, and delivers the forecast results daily.

Combined with significant economic benefits, a key advantage of the cloud managed services is the shortened, i.e., direct access to metalogic’s expertise in case questions or problems arise. As the technical operator of the cloud resources as well as the producer of mP Cloud, metalogic can readily perform an analysis of reported issues and make corrections or improvements as needed.  Managed services also include a 24×7 monitoring of cloud operations, just to be sure!

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