No one is more convincing than users who themselves report on their experiences with mP Energy. These user stories show diverse examples of how companies are deploying and using mP Energy to improve and/or enhance forecasting – always with the aim of producing better and more accurate forecasts. They describe how mP Energy helps them meet regulatory requirements by optimising, automating and simplifying the forecasting process. Examples from daily practice are used to show how, for example, mP Energy’s enhancements have improved the forecasting of industrial customers or how an automated load curve analysis has accelerated and improved the process of new customer analysis and acquisition. All this and countless other examples can be found in the case studies that metalogic will continue to publish in collaboration with its users.


British Gas Trading

Following several months of testing and integration, BG’s former legacy forecasting system was replaced by mP Cloud at the end of 2019. More

GASCADE – Gas flow management

GASCADE Gastransport GmbH is one of the leading transmission system operators in Germany and Europe. More

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