metaScript Master
The rule based forecast Solution for Industrial Forecasts

metaScript Master is a program option for mP Energy that includes a highly sophisticated integrated scripting engine. It offers, for the first time, a means of producing considerably improved, short-term forecasts for customers with difficult or unpredictable energy demands such as industrial customers.

Every energy supplier knows the problem: industrial customers seldom follow reproducible or regular consumption patterns. Temperature or weekday influences play little to no measurable role. However, reliable forecasts mustĀ also be made for these customers. Previously, companies frequently depended on their own hand-made solutions independent of their standard forecasting process.

metaScript Master now integrates forecasting for industrial customers into the intuitive framework of mP Energy.

Extended Forecasting Functionality

  • Limiting Forecast Ranges: By predefining upper and lower forecast limits, forecast errors due to incorrect measurements or transmission errors can be avoided.
  • Updating Values: Adoption and continuous updates of a specific measured hourly value for any number of hours or days in the future.
  • Adoption of Fixed Profiles: An identified load profile from the past can be rolled out for x days in the future.
  • Extrapolation of Load Structures: A load profile from a specific period in the past can be utilised and extended for any number of days in the future.
  • Load Profile Editor: With a special load profile editor, synthetic load profiles can be created, edited, and readily applied to forecasts. These profiles can be retrieved via script functions and be rolled out and repeatedly utilised.

metaScript Master has proven to be the decisive difference in enabling mP Energy Users with difficult to forecast I&C customer portfolios to save considerable sums of money compared to their previous forecasting methods.

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