mP WebService
Enables easy connections and communication with other applications

The WebService supports connections of local applications via LAN as well as remote applications via the Internet. This enables among other things the exchange – import/export – of data as well as the triggering of commands for e.g., process control or initiating status queries.  By default, today’s mP WebService from mP Energy uses the powerful REST API technology. This method is also supported by the most common applications on the market.
This usually reduces any customization to ensure a smooth connection with other applications. Metalogic has numerous field proven WebService based interfaces and APIs to third party applications, thus enabling a smooth integration.

mP WebService includes important features

  • Supports e.g., high-performance retrieval of forecast updates, generation of time series, submitting forecasts, as well as managing attribute settings
  • Connections are established and terminated with HTTP requests by default
  • Designed for highest data throughput
  • Can be readily adopted to third-party APIs

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