mP Scenario
Integrated Scenario Analysis and Calculation

With mP Scenario, mP Energy can be extended to perform elaborate scenario calculations and analyses. This allows the user, for example, to find out how a customer’s consumption will behave under different conditions – whether by using different weather forecasts, creating if-then conditions or by performing so-called Monte Carlo simulations in which the influencing variables in the current model are specifically changed.

mP Scenario can process and generate different forecast results, which are achieved by changing the input data. This includes the definition of an unlimited number of so-called “data variants” (e.g., normal, high, and low temperature forecasts).

A Monte Carlo simulation module allows the simulation of probabilistic conditions (e.g., the change in temperature of an existing forecast along a Gaussian normal distribution with a configurable width). The different results and confidence intervals calculated by the module can be output to different systems, e.g., the high and low scenarios are output to a different system than the normal forecast result. mP Scenario provides improved risk assessment and analysis by providing users with a more tangible means to assess the fluctuations in their forecast.

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