mP Profiler
Indispensable for meter-based forecasts

The underlying reason for performing bottom-up prediction calculations is to forecast the consumption and demand of each individual meter. However, this is not only computationally intensive, but also requires the imported data to be automatically assigned to the appropriate template (model and forecasting project). In the Azure Cloud, processing such data is straightforward, as the required computational capacity can be scaled up based on demand to adequately cope with most any time dependent processing requirements. The allocation and assignment of the imported data according to the meter’s profile class and predefined characteristics is the task of mP Profiler.

Important mP Profiler features

  • Creates new calculation projects as well as aggregation lists for incoming data
  • Selects the most suitable calculation template (where algorithms and predictors are predefined)
  • Assigns the projects to the appropriate aggregation lists (e.g., by region, customer type, contract type, etc.) before the prediction process starts
  • Can be readily configured according to specific requirements

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