mP Workflow
For easily defining & automating prediction tasks and workflows

For automating the execution of one-off or multiple recurring tasks, without the need for any individual programming.  Comes with a powerful and configurable workflow engine that enables Users to readily define workflows according to their requirements.  Workflows can also be accessed and triggered from an external system via a web service interface.

mP Workflow can be used for literally any type of task, for example:

  • Forecast automation, define & select your tasks or processes to be automated, from step-by-step to fully automated
  • Initiate and execute specific Save, Move, Delete or Delivery tasks
  • Execute tasks on a pre-defined time driven basis or according to specific conditions or events

mP Workflow is a service that can be used to control the initial creation of forecast projects and time series.  The service runs in the background and executes all defined steps.  A Workflow Monitor feature monitors and controls the entire workflow process and sends an alert in the case of irregularities occurring.

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