mP Automation Server
Offers high-speed processing for the entire forecasting operation

The processing – specifically the execution of all batch related processes, are performed in conjunction with the mP Automation Server, abbreviated “mPAS”. The definition of when (e.g.,  day of the week, time of day) “trainings, predictions or aggregations” are executed as well as how often (e.g., once or several times a day) are configurable. mPAS can be controlled by a user or also externally by other applications via the WebService, for executing forecasts on demand plus delivering the results to a specific target address. To achieve higher throughput, parallel processing, and support for Linux-based containers in the Azure cloud environment is also available.

A very powerful and flexible feature set

  • Forms the basis for extensive and fully automated forecasting operations
  • Provides simple yet extensive configuration options
  • Through parallel processing and use of containers in the cloud, mPAS is designed for the highest possible throughput
  • Monitors itself, generating alerts as well as deep logs depending on events

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