mP Energy

The universal Energy Prediction software for Demand, Generation, Grid and Price Forecasts. Cloud Hosted!

High quality and forecasting speed offer us such important competitive advantages that we were prepared to work with the manufacturer on the definition and development of additional functions. We have now achieved the status of an excellent integration of the mP Energy forecasting solution in our central EDM system.

Mari Plümacher, Wingas GmbH

For us, the investment in the forecasting solution was amortised very quickly. First of all, there are the savings we incurred by minimising balance energy, a highly crucial factor. Secondly, we now have a highly functional tool available to us within the scope of balancing group management, which we can use and deploy as part of additional service for our customers. Furthermore, we have been using automated sales analysis and planning for a number of months – a segment that harbours significant optimisation potential, given our overall purchase volume.

Marc-Peter Malerius, Gas-Union GmbH

We were able to improve our workflows surrounding load forecasting with mP Energy significantly. For us, the major advantages were the high quality of the forecasts as well as the high degree of automation. In the meantime, we have reached the comfortable situation of having effectively minimised our balancing energy costs, as the deviation from the forecasts is extremely low. With a large number of customer load profiles to be forecast, we save a great deal of time with the automation. We also expect to see a further increase in the medium term.

Dominik Schmidt, GASAG AG