mP Energy – The Ultimate Forecasting Software

– producing reliable forecasts for the Energy Industry for over 10 Years – mature, versatile, powerful
for Demand, Generation, Grid and Price Forecasts

metalogic GmbH, a Munich-based analytical software specialist that supplies diversified Solutions for real-time predictive analysis and forecasting to the Energy Industry.  mP Energy today is being successfully used by numerous Energy producers, trading companies, and grid operators – from small municipal utilities to international Energy Leaders.

  • Forecasts for Power, Gas, District Heating, Wind, Solar, Hydropower, and Pricing
  • Short-, mid- and long-term forecasts, flexible time resolutions, optimized intraday forecasts
  • Provides a reliable basis for decisions for Trading, Sales, Balancing, Portfolio & Risk Management, Procurement, Dispatching, Grid control, etc.
  • Simple and intuitive User Interface, superior prediction quality with minimum effort
  • The entire forecasting process can be fully automated and monitored
  • Supports unlimited predictor and target values, highly efficient modeling
  • Extremely fast, efficient calculation methods, fully scalable, cloud-ready
  • Numerous interfaces for 3rd party systems and data subscription services (e.g. SAP, ORACLE, Microsoft, Trayport Contigo, Steria Sopra, SOPTIM, Robotron, EXXETA, PSI, Seven2one, and many more)

For further information or to request a Web Demo or an appointment, please contact us via sales[at]metalogic[dot]de“>email

mP Optimizer
Determines the best Forecast Model

mP Optimizer enables determination of the best possible forecast model across all calculation methods.

Even with a sound understanding of the interactions of energy demand/generation and environmental variables gained from producing forecasts, the ultimate optimisation step for forecasts is the evaluation and testing of all related model parameters. mP Optimizer offers the possibility to fully automate the trial and error process evaluation of modifications to the model parameters. The objective of such evaluations is to achieve a forecast model with minimal errors that has been determined based on a forecast simulation of all available data.

Strengths of mP Optimizer

  • Minimizes the time and effort for determining an optimal forecast model
  • Increases forecast stability thus minimizes the risk of deviations
  • Supports time period specific optimisation (e.g. Summer/Winter periods)
  • Enables sustainably better forecast results to be achieved

mP Simulator
Minimize Risk by Forecast Simulation

The true quality of a demand forecast can best be determined by comparing its output with actual metered values. The challenge, therefore, is to fully evaluate the predictability and prediction accuracy achievable in daily forecast operations by comparison with an earlier time period. Most forecasting techniques utilise all available historical data in one modelling session and, whilst this generally provides a useful result, it is not always obvious whether large positive and negative deviations are cancelling each other out or whether on certain days, for yet unknown reasons, there exist even larger deviations. This limitation could be reduced by running many incremental, consecutive modelling sessions and comparing the forecasts against actual values for each day. However, the manual effort required for this process is generally prohibitive. Now, with mP Simulator, the benefits of this, more detailed, modelling can be realised without such manual effort. mP Simulator automates the incremental process allowing consecutive forecasts to be readily calculated (simulated) for an earlier time period.

Provides important Analysis for Risk Assessment

  • Simulates a daily forecast for any historical period
  • Detects weaknesses and inconsistencies in the existing data
  • Allows quick and simple risk assessment of customers
  • Supports the user in improving forecast models

mP Scenario
Integrated Scenario Analysis and Calculation

mP Scenario is an option for mP Energy that supports elaborate scenario calculation and analysis. This allows the user, for example, to evaluate how a customer behaves under different conditions – whether by applying different weather forecasts, constructing “what-if” scenarios or by performing Monte-Carlo simulations varying the different predictors in use by the current model. mP Scenario can compute and deliver different forecast results stemming from variations performed on a project’s input data set. That includes defining an unlimited number of so-called “data variants” (e.g. normal-, high- and low-temperature forecasts).

A Monte-Carlo simulation module allows probabilistic conditions to be simulated (for instance, varying the temperature from the current forecast along with a Gaussian distribution with a configurable width). The different results and confidence intervals computed by the module can be delivered to separate systems: e.g. the high and low scenarios are fed to a different system from the standard forecast results.  mP Scenario offers improved risk quantification and analysis by providing users with a tangible means to measure the variability of their forecasts.

mP Workflow

Let’s you define and automate your forecasting tasks & workflows – powerful & flexible!

For automating the execution of one-off or multiple recurring tasks, without the need for any individual programming.
Comes with a powerful and configurable workflow engine that enables Users to readily define their own workflows according to their requirements.  Workflows can also be accessed and triggered from an external system via a web service interface.

Can be used for literally any type of task, e.g.

  • Forecast automation, define & select your tasks or processes to be automated, from step-by-step to fully automated
  • Initiate and execute specific Save, Move, Delete or Delivery tasks
  • Execute tasks on a pre-defined time driven basis or according to specific conditions or situations

mP Workflow is a service that can be used to control the initial creation of forecast projects and time series.  The service runs in the background and executes all defined steps.  A Workflow Monitor monitors and controls the entire workflow process and sends an alert in the case of irregularities occurring.

metaScript Master
Modelling Solution for Industrial Forecasts

metaScript Master is a program option for the mP Energy Enterprise Edition family that includes a highly sophisticated integrated scripting engine. It offers, for the first time, a means of producing considerably improved, short-term forecasts for industrial customers with difficult or unpredictable energy demands.

Meeting Market Demands

Every energy supplier knows the problem: industrial customers seldom follow reproducible or regular consumption patterns. Temperature or weekday influences play little to no measurable role. However, reliable forecasts must also be made for these customers. Previously, companies frequently depended on their own hand-made solutions independent of their standard forecasting process.

metaScript Master now integrates forecasting for industrial customers into the intuitive framework of mP Energy.

Extended Forecasting Functionality

  • Limiting Forecast Ranges: By predefining upper and lower forecast limits, forecast errors due to incorrect
    measurements or transmission errors can be avoided.
  • Updating Values: Adoption and continuous updates of a specific measured hourly value for any number of hours or days in the future.
  • Adoption of Fixed Profiles: An identified load profile from the past can be rolled out for x days in the future.
  • Extrapolation of Load Structures: A load profile from a specific time period in the past can be utilised and
    extended for any number of days in the future.
  • Load Profile Editor: With a special load profile editor, synthetic load profiles can be created, edited and readily applied to forecasts. These profiles can be retrieved via script functions and be rolled out and repeatedly utilised.