metalogic Partners

The various partners of metalogic have served as an important cornerstone for the success and growth of metalogic since commencing with the development and sales of mP Energy in 2005. They give us access to the Energy markets and to their customer base, plus providing metalogic with the needed process expertise to evolve and refine the feature set of mP Energy to meet growing market demands.

Today metalogic has three types of authorized partners, all of whom which help to promote the sale, use and recognition of mP Energy as a leading forecasting solution for the Energy and Utilities industry.

  • Reseller Partner
  • Forecasting-as-a-Service (FaaS) Partner
  • Associate Partner

Reseller Partners

metalogic’s authorized Reseller Partners bring with them years of experience and a profound knowledge of the Energy industry processes.  And on top of this, they all have their own complimentary software solutions which they sell to the Energy industry. Consequently, this helps assure their ability to professionally advise their customers plus it enables them to successfully deploy, commission and support mP Energy according to industry standards. mP Energy compliments the Partner’s product portfolio with a sophisticated and comprehensive forecasting solution.

HAKOM Solutions GmbH, specialised in EDM (energy data management) and time series management solutions has been a metalogic reseller partner since 2006. They have contributed significantly to the success of mP Energy in the German-speaking countries and in Eastern Europe. Thanks to HAKOM, mP Energy is seen today as the market leader for forecasting solutions in Austria and by numerous Energy companies in Germany and Eastern Europe.

The EXXETA GmbH (formerly ECG Erdgas-Consult) a metalogic reseller partner since 2007, is a specialist for consulting, software solutions and project management for the Gas and Utilities Industry. As a market leader in Germany, EXXETA GmbH has successfully sold MTS.fc, the EXXETA product name for mP Energy, to a number of highly respected key players in the energy market.

The TechnoSbyt Group, since its initial launch in 2000 in Yekaterinburg, has focused on providing the Russian energy industry with comprehensive software solutions for automating key processes that reflect current legislative requirements. TechnoSbyt became a metalogic Reseller Partner in 2014 and immediately assumed the support for existing mP Energy Users in Russia and have since acquired new Users!

Forecasting-as-a-Service Partners

FaaS Partners use mP Energy for hosting a wide range of forecasting services for their clients, normally in conjunction with other services such as demand / generation forecasts, balancing or load management. In some cases, this eliminates the need for their clients to have their own skilled staff, and software licenses or simply to take advantage of hosting application services.

KoM-SOLUTION GmbH is a renowned consulting and service organization for the German energy market.  Located in Berlin and active in the market since 2006, KoM-Solution offers numerous chargeable services to Energy companies to include Forecast Management, a comprehensive prediction service utilizing mP Energy in order to fulfill the demands of their Forecasting-as-a-Service clients.

Associate Partners

Associate Partners are normally companies providing complimentary consulting, software or related applications and services to the Energy and Utility markets, where forecasting is a tangible subject related to their own product offering. Associate partners involve metalogic, or vice versa where appropriate, for the purpose of promoting the sale of mP Energy with the intention to expand each other’s user community and strengthen customer satisfaction.

SOPRA Steria GmbH, a European Leader in digital transformation and business solutions for key industries including the Energy and Utilities market. Sopra Steria and metalogic have various joint clients that use both mP Energy and Gas-X, a portfolio of applications especially designed to fulfill the needs of gas producers, traders and grid operators. This serves as the basis for a close cooperation with each other in the gas markets.

How to become a metalogic Partner

Reseller Partner

The metalogic Authorized Reseller Partner program consists of two distinct partner models:

VAR – Value Added Reseller
OEM – Original Equipment Manufacturer

Independent of the model your company should ideally meet the following profile criteria:

  • currently active in selling software and providing professional services and support to the Energy Industry
  • in-depth knowledge of the processes in the Energy Industry, ideally, those that rely on forecast results (e.g. risk management, portfolio management, dispatching, sales, procurement, production, etc.).
  • experience with IT solutions, preferably with consulting, software integration, administration, project management, etc.
  • familiar with databases, preferably relational, SQL-based, etc.
  • sufficient personnel resources for supporting 3rd Party vendor products.

FaaS Partner

For Service Providers, metalogic has a FaaS (Forecasting-as-a-Service) Partner program, for those companies desiring to host mP Energy for the purpose of producing and selling forecasts / forecast results (not software) to their customers. Such companies should ideally already have their own certified hosting center and be able to fulfill metalogic’s FaaS Partner requirements.


For interested parties, we kindly ask that you send us an Email stating your intentions. Upon receipt, we will contact you for discussions and send you the appropriate partner application form.

metalogic Support Portal

metalogic provides it authorized partners and direct customers with secure access to various online resources that are needed for fulfilling service level agreements for support and for providing professional services.

Support Desk

metalogic Support Desk

The metalogic Support Desk is an online ticket system, where authorized partners and direct customers can enter mP Energy related inquiries, support issues, change / features requests, project support requests, etc. All entries will automatically be assigned a unique ticket number for further processing by metalogic. The support desk is the ideal collaboration platform for all technical matters pertaining to mP Energy. The Support Desk also includes various Forums e.g. Release Notes, etc.
Support Desk

metalogic Download Portal

Authorized metalogic partners and direct customers are granted secure access to the metalogic download portal where they can find the latest mP Energy Software including options and add-ons. All software requires the use of an encrypted license key for activation and production purposes, which after requested will be issued separately.