mP Scenario – Announcement!


A new option that extends mP Energy to include elaborate scenario calculation and analysis. This allows the user, for example, to evaluate how a customer behaves under different conditions – whether by applying different weather forecasts, constructing “what-if” scenarios or by performing Monte-Carlo simulations varying the different predictors in use by the current model. mP Scenario [...]

mP Scenario – Announcement!2017-03-14T18:00:19+02:00

1-Click-4Cast – Forecasts without an effort


In conjunction with mP Energy 4, metalogic eliminates the need for users to deal with forecast models.  With 1-Click-4Cast one simply clicks on the target data and mP Energy does the rest! It creates a project, executes the training and prediction processes in accordance with best result analysis and then delivers the forecast results! 1-Click-4Cast [...]

1-Click-4Cast – Forecasts without an effort2016-05-25T14:15:07+02:00

mP Energy 4.0 – Released


mP Energy 4 - New Major Release metalogic's "Next Generation" mP Energy Version 4 was officially released today and is available immediately. All mP Energy Users should contact their metalogic partner in order to coordinate an appointment for an update to the 4.0 or for learning more about the details of this new and exciting [...]

mP Energy 4.0 – Released2016-05-24T10:10:51+02:00
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