A new option that extends mP Energy to include elaborate scenario calculation and analysis. This allows the user, for example, to evaluate how a customer behaves under different conditions – whether by applying different weather forecasts, constructing “what-if” scenarios or by performing Monte-Carlo simulations varying the different predictors in use by the current model. mP Scenario can compute and deliver different forecast results stemming from variations performed on a project’s input data set. This includes defining an unlimited number of so-called “data variants” (e.g. normal, high and low temperature forecasts). A Monte-Carlo simulation module allows probabilistic conditions to be simulated (for instance, varying the temperature from the existing forecast along a Gaussian distribution with a configurable width). The different results and confidence intervals computed by the module can be delivered to separate systems: e.g. the high and low scenarios are fed to a different system from the normal forecast results.  mP Scenario offers improved risk quantification and analysis by providing users with a tangible means to measure the variability of their forecasts.

mP Scenario will be available in the second half of Q.2 2016