Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) – Managed Application Services

metalogic only supplies & manages mP Cloud. The customer owns and run their own Cloud Account.

The SaaS – Managed Application Services – differs from the “Fully Managed Services” in that the customer has its own subscription contract directly with Microsoft for the Azure Cloud instead of with metalogic. This makes the customer responsible for the technical operations for the cloud services themselves unless such is transferred to metalogic.

However, it is important that metalogic is given unrestricted access to mP Cloud for technical monitoring as well as for analysis of the application if necessary.  This enables metalogic to quickly make improvements or possible fixes, just as with “Fully Managed Services”.

If changes need to be made to the Cloud Resources, e.g., in the event of a major increase in the amount of data due to a company takeover, the customer shall first agree with metalogic on the definition of an upgrade of the Cloud Resources and then make the upgrade itself.


Besides that, the responsibility for the technical operation of the Azure Cloud lies with the customer, all other advantages are like the advantages of the “Fully Managed Services” (see “SaaS – Fully Managed Services“)

mP Cloud can be tested easily and quickly at any time

Also, under “Managed Application Services” the initial testing of mP Cloud takes place via an Azure account fully managed by metalogic.

Lower costs

The costs for the “Managed Application Services” should be similarly low compared to the “Fully Managed Services”, but metalogic cannot make any statement about the indirect costs of the customer for the support of the Azure Cloud resources.

Scalability & Integration

This also applies to Managed Application Service.
An undeniable advantage of cloud operations is scalability, which allows, for example, to process large volumes of data within the shortest possible time.  In terms of forecasting, this means that you no longer must wait long for up-to-date forecast results to be delivered.  Other response times also benefit significantly from the scalability of cloud resources. mP Cloud, due to its existing interfaces and API technology, can also be readily connected to other applications and data sources as needed.

New Software Releases and Updates

This also applies to Managed Application Service.
In the context of SaaS managed services, the commissioning of new updates and software releases of mP Cloud is usually carried out fully independent and transparent to the user. This eliminates the need for months of compatibility testing, etc. Updates in the cloud are now in the hands of metalogic, which ensures the availability and continuous operation of mP Cloud.

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