mP Cloud – A powerful Azure Cloud version of mP Energy

• Available as a SaaS or FaaS managed service

• Unmatched performance and throughput

• Fully scalable, highly cost effective

To meet the increasing demands of the energy industry in terms of shorter processing times with increasing data volumes, combined with more favorable economic factors, the decision for metalogic to create a special customized cloud version of mP Energy was obvious. As a long-standing Microsoft development partner, the choice in favor of the Azure Cloud Platform for mP Cloud was therefore also logical.

The decision taken by metalogic has since proven to be the right one. For one of the largest energy suppliers in the UK, mP Cloud now calculates and delivers around 2 million forecasts every day – on time, and on target!

  • The performance of mP Cloud is fully scalable in conjunction with Linux-based containers to provide the processing power needed, whenever required.
  • The execution of the forecast process is monitored and controlled by a dedicated master controller.
  • Kibana is used to explore, analyze, and visualize the data
  • Efficient caching of the data is performed via Blob Store
  • Azure SQL DB provides mP Cloud not only with significantly more power and flexibility, but also appropriate redundancy for secure operation
  • A secure User connection to mP Cloud is made via the Azure Virtual Desktop, which in turn enables HTTPS access via a browser.
  • The existing mP Energy user enjoys a higher performance platform with notable reduced processing and response times.
  • An availability of >99.5% of the Azure Cloud is guaranteed by Microsoft.
  • mP Cloud is hosted in the Azure Cloud and fully monitored and managed by metalogic.
  • mP Cloud offers significant advantages – both on a technical and economic basis – compared to an in-house solution approach.

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